Monday, August 9, 2010

New miracle train for Germany

High tech on rails

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Siemens is building the new high-tech train Velaro D in Krefeld Uerdingen. It is planned to run also in Germany by the end of 2011. Velaro E already has a top speed of 403 km/h - without any modifications - at much more than 500,000 km mileage and in addition it is 99% on time. This makes it the fastest serial train world-wide. For two years now Spain's Velaro E, for example, has taken its passengers reliably from Madrid to Barcelona. It makes the distance of 625 km in less than 2.5 hours. The 8-car, 200 m standard train configuration has a capacity of 8 MW.

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The Velaro D tops this.

The Velaro family was developed for the global market. Its ongoing evolution is based on our experience in design, production, service and maintenance in day-to-day international service. You can experience the resulting successes firsthand – by traveling with the Velaro in Spain, for example, or Russia or China. You’re sure to be impressed by its technology, flexibility, comfort, and efficiency.

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