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2000 passengers and a 600-member crew

The Aida Diva – so it is imperative for technology to be absolutely reliable.

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The same goes for the propulsion and control technology:

The AIDAdiva is equipped with a diesel-electrical machinery with four diesel generators as power station that supply the entire ship with electrical energy. All electrical system, the propulsion system and the monitoring equipment were developed and built by Siemens. To ensure highest possible operational reliability the machinery and propulsion systems are technically and spatially separated into two independent groups and equipped with extensive monitoring equipment (ship automation system "SISHIPCIS PAX").

Image source: Siemens AG


The AIDAdiva is equipped with a conventional propulsion system. The two propeller motors are 3-phase synchronisation machines of type Siemens 1DM5650-8DS06-Z transferring a capacity of 12,400 kW each (approx. 16,900 PS) to fixed 5-blade propellers via a shaft system. Each propeller has a diameter of 5.20 m and a mass of approx. 13.2 t. At a max. rpm of 130/min the ship reaches a max. speed of 21 knots.

For manoeuvring in ports and at low speeds two bow thruster motors with a capacity of 2,300 kW each (approx. 3,100 HP) and two stern thrust motors of 1,500 kW each (approx. 2,040 HP) are installed. Via a "dynamic positioning system" the ship can precisely keep to a predefined position.

Here some more information about the ship and the engines:

»»» http://www.ship-technology.com/projects/aidadiva/

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