Monday, August 23, 2010

Infinite space

Let us leave Star Trek behind because we will soon be able to do all that ourselves: exploring unknown space, measuring distances, following tracks, displaying directions of travel via flashing signals, recognising colours, measuring temperatures, avoiding hitting obstacles without any contact, distinguishing day and night, turning headlights on and off automatically, triggering alarm, .... all that - and much more - is possible using sensors of the ROBO TX Explorer – ’beam me up, Scotty’ will then only be a question of time...

»»» This way to the toy.

If you want to thrill your kids, this is certainly something for you: "Here you will learn more about modern and innovative materials and what you can do with electricity or what you'd rather not do. Always according to the motto - "Learn about technology while playing". OK, and if that does not draw anybody from the woodwork, then maybe this: "By the way: all big and small people celebrating their birthday on 04 July will get a sausage + a drink free of charge!"


by the way:
fischertechnik is a product group of fischerwerke, the manufacturer of fastening systems. The grey nylon S-plugs are known all over the world.
When a creative employee assembled some kind of small vehicle from nylon gate remains in the year 1965, the company decided to send it as a nice Christmas present to all customers in the construction industry. The feedback was very positive and the people seemed to like it so much that there was a high demand for it. It was decided to set up a separate department. Since 1966 fischertechnik has been manufactured and sold in modest quantities.
There is no large advertising budget. The motto is "quality sells itself". The fischertechnik product group continues to yield only 10% of the total turnover

Goethe Universit├Ąt in Frankfurt also 'plays' with the system:


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