Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cord drive allows robot's hands to act vigorously

Image source: University of the Saarland

In future robots shall rescue earthquake victims from destroyed houses or help old-aged people at home. To make it possible that robots perform the tasks of human helpers they need hands that can grab heavy objects and can put them down again very carefully. Researchers at the university of the Saarland have now developed a cord drive for robotic hands that can transmit enormous powers in a simple and space-saving manner.

The catapult of the old Romans served as an example for the artificial muscles. The engineers presented this innovative miniature drive on the research stand at Hannover Messe from 17 to 24 April 2010. The project is a part of the EU project Dexmart. The project started two years ago with the goal to develop better robotic hands. Eight universities and research institutes in Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain participate. The university in Naples is responsible for the coordination.


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