Thursday, September 2, 2010

World surveillance map

A student delivers criticism.... and in a very imaginative way for that:

Raul Mandru originates from Romania and came to study at the FH in Dortmund. There he graduated in design and he presented the world surveillance map 2008 as his diploma thesis. He did not only win the reddot design award but also his first job as an Art Director at Ogilvy in Düsseldorf.

"The world surveillance map is a great example of transforming social criticism into a piece of art. Raul Mandru links the essential subjects we are dealing with in our social structural change: culture, technology, education and also democracy." Prof. Dieter Gorny, Art Director "Creative Industries" of RUHR.2010 GmbH.

"This thesis has picked up a very interesting topic relevant for society and implemented it on a high design level." Prof. Kurt Mehnert, President of Folkwang Hochschule Essen.

Raul Mandru deals with the issues of 'souss-veillance', an important topic of our forum about the new industrial world. Vincent Puig, Centre Pompidou Paris.

See for yourself:



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