Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The latest model that can fly

The ILA 2010, at 101 years the oldest aircraft show in the world, was a complete success:

Dietmar Schrick, President of the BDLI, believes that the world’s oldest aviation and space show is in a stronger position than ever in 2010: “On the basis of the business conducted during this year’s show the ILA has again established itself as a top-ranking international aerospace event. In 2010 we have been able to record the single biggest order ever achieved at any aerospace anywhere in the world. The enormous growth in almost all sections of this event confirms the strength of the underlying concept, and the ILA 2010 has set new standards.”

(Source: http://www.ila-berlin.de/ila2010/presse/presse_volltext_e.cfm?id_nr=178)

OK, someone or another took it a bit easier:

Here some more photos: »»» http://www.ila-berlin.de/ila2010/presse/fotos2010_e.cfm

And here: »»» http://www.flickr.com/photos/astirn/sets/72157624203450151/

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