Monday, June 14, 2010

The function control in the Panther can be like this

The controller is programmed by the vehicle manufacturer because only he has the system-specific know-how. For this, a programmable controller is clearly an advantage. It would be helpful if the controller manufacturer already provides finished function blocks allowing a quick implementation of the vehicle functions.

Here are examples of the functions to be controlled: modern airfield fire-fighting vehicles have several water/foam cannons which are usually remote-controlled by joysticks. Operating modules for pumps, mixture rates, winches, flashing blue light, horn, door and alarm start controls are further components requiring electronic controllers.

For pumps these electronic modules are often used to display levels and to control electric valves. The extensive lighting system including the powerful airfield floodlights is also controlled and monitored via electronic control devices. The high performance engines (up to 1000 hp) and gearboxes have electronic control devices and are usually networked via one or several CAN bus systems.

And if you want to test this:


Image source: Wiking

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