Friday, June 25, 2010

Adventure rallye with Unimog

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It is regarded as the last adventure rallye in Europe and it is the only major motor-sport event for professionals and amateurs from the off-road and four-wheel scenes in Europe: the rallye Dresden-Breslau.

This mania is starting tomorrow!

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The Unimog from the company Hellgeth Spezialfahrzeugbau GmbH in Wurzbach demonstrates what it can do. There are almost no original parts left in this exceptional talent with 1600 Nm and 405 HP at 1400 rpm.

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The vehicle

After several alterations it now has a mid-engine design with biturbo, underbody with coil springs and shock absorbers, adjustable brake balance, electronic tyre pressure adjustment - the list has no end. The heart of it is composed of two controllers. Everything is displayed and controlled with the suitable process and dialogue module. Pressure sensors measure, among others, the tyre pressure on both axes and the boost pressures of the turbos. Temperature sensors detect the temperatures of the shock absorbers and the engine. All values and the two turbos are controlled via the two controllers.


The rallye

It requires perfect equipment, because 1200 kilometres in seven legs and through rough terrain lie ahead: the adventure rallye Dresden-Breslau. The biggest European rallye, notorious for its toughness. The teams have to fight for a full week before reaching the goal. And this is to be taken literally: rough terrain, sandy or muddy passages, water trenches and narrow passes, moon landscapes and steep summits demand the utmost from electronics and driver. The capability to provisionally repair the worst damage at the end of a day has a whole new importance on this rallye.

The trial by fire that was fully booked has radiated a magical attraction again this year. Motorcycles and quads, SUVs and racing trucks from all over Europe took part. Followed by a train of service staff, press from eleven countries and numerous fans.


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