Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Driving on the moon

The Unmanned Lunar Expedition Simulator is a small 3D (OpenGL) game in which you control an unmanned moon vehicle. It is a two-player game that may be played either against the computer or against another player on the internet. There are two game modes: a racing game and a death-match game.

The game uses rigid-body-dynamics for control of vehicle movement. It has a particle system based gun, 3D audio, and an online high-score list.

The simulator is built around a pseudo-realistic modeling concept which allows an extremely flat learning curve for the aspiring remote astronauts. Currently the simulator allows for training vehicle handling under extreme conditions as well as mission training by means of a simulated scientific lunar expedition. All this is 'bullshit' of course, but it is still a nice little application worth a download.

»»» Download: Unmanned Lunar Expedition Simulator

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