Friday, February 12, 2010

Did you know?

...about the history of construction machines

The origin of these modern steel monsters dates back to medieval times. Men have always tried to use technology to dig the earth and reach the treasures deep under the surface. Gold, silver and especially ore for manufacture of tools and weapons were the most important raw materials to improve life and make it more comfortable. During industrialisation the multi-faceted coal complemented the list of important raw materials: a corner stone gaining more and more in importance at the beginning of the last century.

No sweet without sweat: these natural resources are hidden under a layer called overburden. This overburden must be removed to reach the actual raw material.

For illustration
Nowadays every person on earth uses 50 - 70 kg raw material per day. To bring this material to the surface 20 billion cbm of overburden must be loaded, transported and levelled. This job is done by small, large, gross and thin excavators.


Around 1850 - birth of the excavator:

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