Monday, May 9, 2011

Electric cars handmade

There are some companies concentrating wholeheartedly on drawing up electric cars. For example Mia-Electric: The Essen company, founded by pharma entrepreneur Edwin Kohl and the energy experts from Conenergy AG, perform magic with clever, electric car mobiles in the design of the former VW top designer Murat G√ľnak. Costs: almost € 20,000.

Or the company e.Wolf based in Cologne: they launch quite a bunch of current-driven cars - among them a small car with lithium ceramics battery for € 36,900.

Whether the e-cars can gain ground at such prices, remains to be seen. But does that mean that the ambitious young entrepreneurs are only dreaming? Rather not because who would leave a safe position at groups such as BMW, Bosch or Microsoft if he is not sure of being successful.

Furthermore the start-ups with flexible structures, powerful networks and short decision-making channels react in a different way and can implement their ideas. "We do not see any competition within the automotive industry", says Klostermann in self-confidence. "Because their electronic-car studies are very much directed towards the conventional car."

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