Monday, December 20, 2010

How are trees cut underwater?

Image source: Triton Logging Inc.

The robot "Sawfish" cuts trees underwater. When artificial lakes are flooded it often happens that trees lie under the water's surface. Here they perform no ecological function, nevertheless they are a valuable product.

The company "Triton Logging" invested 4 years and three million dollars in this project. The robot is controlled by a pilot. Eight board cameras help him to do his job in the dark and murky water. Every three hours the "Sawfish" weighing 3.5 tons is tested on the work platform. A small tug collects the trees at the surface.

About 100 trees are cut at the lake bottom every day. If all goes to the inventors' plans, the Sawfish will soon be used in many artificial lakes worldwide. The underwater trees are estimated to total approx. 200 million.

Image source: Triton Logging Inc.


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