Tuesday, October 19, 2010

part 2: The new rail link

Within minutes through the Alps

The Gotthard axis consists of a new rail link from Arth Goldau to the Lugano area and includes a new Gotthard Base Tunnel. This is the heart of the flat rail link for travel through the Alps. The north portal of the Gotthard Base Tunnel is north of Erstfeld, the south portal at Bodio.

Image Source: Alp Transit Gotthard AG

The length of the Base Tunnel is approx. 57 km. Intermediate points of attacks are planned in Amsteg, Sedrun and Faido. The tunnel is scheduled to be completed in 2015. For a total length of 57 km and a planned train speed of 200 km/h the advance rate per day is 20 to 40 metres in shift operation. 2000 miners and engineers are working here. This is a major logistical challenge for the material transport.

Image Source: Alp Transit Gotthard AG

The equipment
At the construction site a diesel-hydraulic monorail transports concrete skips, all materials for rock protection and the tunnel boring machine (TBM), girders, big bags, machine parts, rails and sand containers.

The hydraulic monorail is a universal means of transport. It enables transport without handling and a mains independent transport system thanks to the diesel engine.

Because of the high demands a PLC, a CAN communication bus as well as the CANopen protocol are used.

  • Mechanical stability in case of extreme shocks
  • Use over low and high temperature ranges
  • Direct influence of dirt and water
  • High fluctuations of the supply voltage
  • High electromagnetic compatibility
  • E1 approval from the German Federal Office for Motor Traffic

Image Source: Alp Transit Gotthard AG

Here the technical data:
  • Application: ARGE Amsteg (CH)
  • Machine type: diesel-powered monorail locomotive
  • Transport task: concrete skips and goods
  • Drive: diesel-hydraulic
  • Power: 110 KW
  • Tractive force: 40 kN
  • Speed: 2 m/s
  • Inclination: 1%
  • Max. load: 19 t
  • Total weight: 32 t
  • Control: radio remote control
  • Particularities: transponder system, remote diagnosis

Gotthard tunnel breakthrough!

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